Scrub Ridge Trail

Scrub Ridge trail is a 1 mile (1.6 km) loop through some of the most unique habitat in Florida. The trail is an easy stroll that takes up to 40 minutes. The loop starts on a solid sandy limestone trail that runs through scrub and returns over a grass covered road that runs between a freshwater impoundment and scrub habitat.

Scrub is a distinctive plant community found in scattered locations throughout Florida. The Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge scrub community provides home for more endangered and threatened wildlife than any other Florida habitat.  Watch for the endangered gopher tortoise and the endangered and harmless indigo snake.

The endangered Florida scrub jay can often be found on the trail. The colorful blue-grey resident lives in family groups of 2 -5 members establishing territories of 10- 50 acres. Watch for sentries posted on guard duty and listen for their warning call as you approach.

Scrub jays and other endangered species can only survive if the unique scrub habitats are protected and properly managed.

To reach Scrub Ridge trail from the Visitor Center:

Turn right out of the Visitor Center entrance road. Go to the traffic light and turn left onto SR 3. Scrub Ridge trail is 3.8 miles on the right. Follow the dirt road 0.4 miles to the trail head.

Merritt Island Wildlife Association
Merritt Island Wildlife Association
Merritt Island Wildlife Association